Book Review: A Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers - Angie Fox

This is actually the second book in a series. The first book is called The Accidental Demon Slayer and that is the name of the series as well. I am pretty sure that there is also going to be another one. I have not read the first book but that didn’t seem to be a problem while reading this one. There was just enough information to give a new reading background into what happened in the first book, but not so much that a series reader would feel like it was redundant. I definitely will be picking up the first book to find out more to the stories they touched on.

This type of book is not my typical style read, but I enjoyed it right from the beginning. Right off the bat it reminded me of the TV show Charmed, in the sense that she is new to the paranormal world and is fighting demons. The main character, Lizzie, is a pre-school teacher who just a month ago found out she is a demon slayer. She is a perfectionist who likes to plan EVERYTHING out (just like me) and is finding that hard to handle with her new “job”. She finds out that her uncle has been taken by succubi (female demons who are empowered by sex) who have some plan to destroy the world. Lizzie’s major problem is that she is still learning how to manage being a slayer and how she is going to save the world (at least she has some help from her boyfriend, a shape-shifting griffin, and her grandmother’s biker gang of witches). I think the funniest part was when she was taking the test for her slayer’s license (imagine the worst case scenario at a driver’s license test). This is the paranormal part.

I think the romance portion of the genre is stressed a little less. There are 2 sex scenes in the book but I felt that they were used tastefully and both served a purpose. They were an integral part at moving the plot along and actually were very important to the paranormal part.

I read this book in 3 days, which is SUPER FAST for me. I just couldn’t put it down and the end of the chapter always left me wanting more. For someone new to paranormal this book was very good at describing what these different types of creatures were and what they could do. It was easy to understand and follow. I really enjoyed reading this book because it was something different and I could totally escape into the fantasy of it. This book was also absolutely hilarious. The main character is sarcastic and the characters are written humourously.

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Series: Biker Witches



This review is of a book received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Review originally posted at The Maiden's Court on June 6, 2009.