Book Review: 1st to Die by James Patterson

1st to Die - James Patterson

I have read a few of James Patterson’s books before from his Alex Cross series but this is my first from the Women’s Murder Club series. I really enjoyed the way he gave each of the 4 women a distinct personality. Time was spent on character development as well as the development of the mystery.

The main character of this book is Lindsay; she is a police inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. She begins investigating a murder of a newly married bride and groom; appearing to be a standard double homicide. This spree escalates as another double homicide turns up with the same situation. Lindsay begins working with her 3 friends, off the record, to try to solve these crimes in conjunction with the official investigation. These women represent all sides of the investigation process: Claire the Medical Examiner, Cindy the Crime Reporter, Jill the Assistant District Attorney, and Lindsay the Police Inspector.

This story takes many twists and turns along the way. Just when you think you know who Bride and Groom Killer is, new evidence comes up and it sends you a completely the opposite way. I was so sure of who it was twice, and fell into the trap they wanted me to fall into. You will never see the ending coming. As soon as the book ended I wanted to begin the next one; unfortunately for me I have to wait until it arrives and I get back from my trip.


I really enjoyed listening to this story. The narrator is Suzanne Toren, a prolific audio book narrator. She did an amazing job of creating a different feel for each of the four women in the story.



Author James Patterson has written 12 books in this series so far.  You can learn more about his series here.




This review is of a book from my personal collection and is based solely on my reading pleasure.  Review originally posted at The Maiden's Court on July 12, 2009.